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Auto financing and credit in Calgary

Drive Home a Nissan Today!
Here at Brasso Nissan, we want to help you find the right new or pre-owned vehicle, and once we do, financing it will be a breeze! We offer a range of personalized financing and leasing options tailored to fit any budget and help you boost your credit. When you finance a vehicle with Brasso, you're in good hands. Here's why…

For many years now, our team of Financial Experts has been helping people just like you, regardless of their credit history. We take the time to understand our customer's individual needs and budgets, and then develop affordable financing and leasing plans to meet your expectations. It's our job to help you make an informed decision, so we'll be sure to explore all the options and explain it all to you in our relaxed and pressure-free offices. We can also take a look at insurance and extended warranty packages available to you. You can Apply for Credit online today with Brasso Nissan, and our experts will get you approved as soon as tomorrow! Buying a vehicle should be fun, and we're sure you'll have a wonderful experience with us at Brasso.

Our Experts
We're experts in the field of vehicle financing, and we're very good at what we do. We'd like to sit down with you and share with you everything we know about financing. You'll find that financing a vehicle with Brasso Nissan opens up a lot of possibilities for you. Our certified Financial Experts will help you--no matter your credit history--to get you into an affordable new or pre-owned vehicle and build up your credit. Your own Financial Expert will discuss all your options for vehicle financing. Then we'll negotiate a rate for you with a financial institution. Because of our great relationships with these financial institutions, Brasso Nissan is able to negotiate a better rate than individuals can by themselves. And we keep all your personal information entirely confidential--between only you and your personal Brasso Nissan Financial Expert. We're confident we'll get you a fair, deal you can afford--we've proven ourselves many times for many customers throughout Southern Alberta.

Car Loans and Vehicle Leasing in Calgary
Looking to lease a car instead of financing one? Brasso Nissan can help! Leasing a car gives you a number of advantages over financing, including reduced monthly payments, excellent warranty coverage for the entire period of ownership, and a broad selection of vehicles that you might not otherwise be able to afford. If you like driving a brand-new vehicle every few years, then leasing can be a great option.

If you've decided that a lease is right for you, then we encourage you to meet with one of our Finance Experts today so we can secure a short- or long-term leasing agreement that matches your needs. We have a variety of flexible options and a great selection of brand-new Nissans to match any budget. We partner with some of the finest financial institutions in Alberta to provide you with low leasing rates and make it easy to get behind the wheel of your next vehicle. You can Apply for Credit online today with no obligation, and we'll get you approved as soon as tomorrow!


Filling out an auto credit request at Brasso Nissan couldn't be simpler. Simply fill out the short auto financing form on this page and optionally the long form to get an even faster approval. Once your credit request is received, you will typically be approved within 20 minutes most of the time during our opening hours. At Brasso Nissan, we offer a very personalized credit approval process. Your carloan awaits you! For an ultra-fast service, you can also apply for your car loan by phone at 403 253-5555.

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