When it comes to driving, most people will say that maximizing their mileage is a priority. Now that we're getting into the winter months, the least favourable thing for most drivers is spending time at the pump in the freezing cold. We've got some tips here to get the most out of your fuel tank.

  1. Routine Service - Having an engine that consistently gives you optimal performance levels is essential. Honda's are equipped with a maintenance minder system, to alert you when it is time for an oil change. This system helps you save money by ensuring oil changes are only done when the vehicle needs it.
  2. Lighten your Load - If your vehicle is loaded with a lot of heavy objects that you don't need in there, it's best to consider taking them out. Having a heavy cargo capacity causes the engine to work harder to accelerate the vehicle, resulting in higher fuel consumption. So whenever it is not necessary, lighten the load to save on fuel
  3. Tire Pressure - Now that the temperatures are beginning to get colder your tire pressure will begin to fluctuate. Driving with your tires low on pressure increases the rolling resistance of your tires on the ground surface, which robs you of fuel. If you don't believe us, just remember that an eight pound drop in your ire pressure can cause your fuel economy to drop by as much as 5%! Thankfully there are TPMI sensors which alert you if your tire pressure is low, allowing you to remain on top of your tire pressure easily.
  4. Drive Smart, Not Fast - Honda's are smooth-riding vehicles, both on and off-road, meaning you'll be better served if you don't accelerate and brake hard. Accelerating gradually, anticipating traffic flow helps eliminate burning gas for the sake of it, making you get more mileage out of each tank.


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