Thanksgiving is finally here, and it's finally time to put the oven to work. Getting together with family and friends is always fantastic, but why not make it more fantastic with plates that will have everyone raving about for weeks to come? We've gathered together some links to some of our favourite tried and successful recipes, that will keep everyone wanting more!

Baked spaghetti squash:

We recommend ditching the parsley and only going for fresh basil instead. It's very tasty!


Stuffing for turkey:

This stuffing recipe is hands down the best one! With this step-by-step tutorial you'll be a stuffing expert in no time!


Pumpkin pie:

Not only is this pumpkin pie pretty to look at, and will look great in your Thanksgiving photos (if the pie lasts that long), it's also beyond amazing. Even those who weren't fans of pumpkin pie ate this one!


The holidays are always a lovely time to get together with friends and family, and having the best food at the table makes those moments even better. We hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving weekend! Let us know if you tried any of these recipes!

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