No matter what your final destination, the perfect road trip is always a spontaneous one. When you don't have too much time to think about what to pack so you don't end up over packing, and where arriving to your final destination has nothing planned out, leaving you to just explore. The perfect road trip is also always taken in a Honda, because you need a car that's reliable but will also look good in your photos!

The first important step to a perfect road trip is to have a good road trip buddy, or two. They're not as enjoyable on your own, especially if it's a long drive. Driving with someone is also much safer, so you can take turns driving when one person starts to feel drowsy or restless. It's also important to think about your attire for a long drive - what clothing are you most comfortable sitting in for a long period of time? Next thing you need is some good music. Good music is always the heart of the road trip, so think about curating a great playlist thats long enough for your drive to avoid hearing the same song multiple times. Final step: destination.

 i m g 9393 1024x768A lovely place to visit, especially if you have never been is Montreal, and I'd have to say, the drive is quite nice too. Montreal is the perfect destination for everyone. From amazing architecture; new and old, great restaurants and lovely parks, there's something to keep everyone happy. Montreal is huge for brunch. It's actually really hard to choose what restaurant to go to for brunch, as there's so many lovely options. Olive et Gourmando in the Old Town was our first choice. It's a small little cafe, with so many freshly baked goods, from croissants to danishes. Their menu is 100% organic, and as locally sourced as possible, from yogurt parfaits to breakfast paninis to wraps and sandwiches, it actually gets hard to choose what you want to eat, and the coffee is always fresh.


The Old Town in Montreal is like being in Europe with the older architecture, and just different life style. It's like being in a completely different city. It's a lot quieter, less cars, people relaxing on benches with a cup of coffee or artists sitting and drawing. It's a quite inspirational setting to be in. You can also get a ride in a horse-drawn carriage! In Montreal, it's also a good idea to visit the Village. The Village is filled with tons of small shops and cafes, perfect for browsing through and sitting down and relaxing with a nice cup of tea. While we were visiting, we were fortunate enough to see the "Gay Village", as they had strung up 180,000 coloured balls over the street as an art installation. The installation was up for 8 years, and had changed colours over the years, coming to finally be rainbow. The installation is now taken down permanently. 

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     You've probably heard of the Biosphere as well, located in Parc Jean-Drapeau. The park is also a beautiful place to walk around and take some photos. It is especially beautiful in the fall with all the leaves changing colour. Parc Jean-Drapeau is an island on the Saint Lawrence river. To get to the park, there's a bridge - Jacques Cartier Bridge - which at night the city likes to light up, and at times also have a fireworks show over it. The city calls this their version of the Eiffel Tower.


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We don't want to tell you too much about the lovely city of Montreal, as it is definitely something everyone should experience on their own. Just make sure you don't forget your camera!

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