The summer is coming to an end, and the kids are going back to school in a matter of days. The last long weekend of the summer is finally here. It's time to make the most of your long weekend, with a trip to the cottage. When heading to the cottage it's important to pack the essentials, and maybe a little more, but not too much. We've compiled a list of things to consider when packing for the cottage.

  • Bug spray - This is so important! Mosquitoes are relentless and depending on where the cottage is, they can be worse in some areas. Remember to remove any stagnant water around the cottage to try to minimize the amount around at night.
  • Citronella anything - Citronella candles help in keeping mosquitoes at bay, while it isn't going to keep 100% of them away, it does minimize the amount. Try lighting the candles before the sun goes down to create a barrier sooner before they start coming.
  • After-bite - It's inevitable that some bites will occur, it's a good idea to have from after-bite around to minimize the itchiness.
  • S'mores! - If you're sitting by the fire, it's always nice to snack on some s'mores. Pick up some marshmallows, graham crackers and a few chocolate bars and you've got everything you need. Feel free to grab a variety of different chocolate bars and have some fun with different types of s'mores. Have you ever had a s'more made with a caramilk bar? It's amazing!
  • Cooking sticks - Not everyone likes to find a long tree branch to cook their marshmallows over the fire, but you can find good cooking sticks that are safe for the fire at the store.
  • Sunscreen - This is also very important. During the day you're probably spending a lot of time outside and the sun's UV rays can be so harmful on our skin. It's good to remember to apply sunscreen before going out for the day (and reapply if you need to) to prevent any sunburns.
  • Firewood - Can't have a fire without any wood to burn!
  • Food - Sometimes the cottage might be in such a remote area that there are no grocery stores nearby at all. It's important to make a checklist of all the food your friends/family like to eat to make sure nothing is forgotten. How are you supposed to have hamburgers without any buns??
  • First-aid kit - Accidents happen but it's okay if you're prepared. Having bandaids and other first aid essentials are good to bring to the cottage.
  • Proper clothing - At this time of year the days are still warm but the evenings are chilly, don't forget to pack an extra hoodie and some joggers!
  • Games/toys - There's tons of great outdoor games to play at the cottage, but if it ends up raining it's good to be prepared with some board games so you're not bored while being stuck inside!
  • Camera - The best cottage memories are the ones you can look back at and smile. Photos are important to take - but don't get too caught up in taking photos that you forget to live in the moment!


While these are some great cottage essentials, this isn't everything you need to get through a weekend at the cottage. Remember to make a checklist before you start packing so that you don't forget anything! If you do forget some things - a good practice is to write it down somewhere (like in the notes on your phone so you don't lose it) and you'll have it there for next year!


Enjoy your long weekend!

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