For some people, buying a new car is fun and exciting, from looking up features about new cars online, or stepping into the dealership ready to test drive whatever suits your needs. Or searching through a dealerships used lot to find that car that suits them, and their budget. But this isn't necessarily the case for everyone, some people hate searching for a new car and it could be a stressful experience for them, and stepping into the dealership can be dreadful. We want to try to make everyone's experiences when buying a new car a good one, so we wrote out some tips on what you should consider when you go for a test drive.

  1. How do you feel in the vehicle? Does it feel comfortable? Are you able to adjust the mirrors and seat to suit you easily? If the car feels uncomfortable right from the start, ask your sales representative if there is more adjustments that you perhaps missed before saying no to the car.
  2. Is it fuel efficient? This is important to know to make sure it suits your budget.
  3. Test out the brakes. Go down a hill or give it a good nudge (safely). Do you feel comfortable with the brakes? Every car is different.
  4. Look over the interior of the car. Does it have what you need? Is there enough space for your lifestyle?
  5. Compare the car against what you are currently driving. Is the change in vehicles impressive? Does it feel like a good upgrade?
  6. How's the ride feel? Is it handling city traffic well as well as acceleration on the highway?
  7. Test the suspension. Our roads aren't perfect so there is bound to be some bumps on your daily commute. Does the suspension help with providing a smooth ride?
  8. Safety - this is important. What are the safety ratings on the vehicle?
  9. Bells and whistles. Does the car have all the features you are looking for? Heated seats? Air conditioning? Back up camera?
  10. Consider hands-free accessories. Does the car have Apple CarPlay/Android Auto or built-in bluetooth technology?
  11. Reviews. It's very easy to find tons of reviews online about any vehicle. Check out consumer reports to see what other people are saying about the car you are considering.
  12. Is this a vehicle you see yourself driving for the next 5 years? When purchasing or leasing a vehicle it's important to think about longevity - cars are expensive, and you don't want to be "over" your car after the first season.

When going through a test drive, it is important to find a vehicle that works for you and your lifestyle - not only today, but also in the future. A car is a big investment and it's important to make sure that investment keeps you happy for a long period of time.

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