Drivers share memories in celebration of Brasso Nissan's 50th anniversary

Life is a highway - one that includes a series of mile markers on our journey from newbies to know-it-alls.

And our vehicles are often part of life's most memorable moments, from first cars to new families.

Nissan - and, before that, Datsun - has played an important role in many of our travels. In honour of Brasso Nissan's 50th anniversary, we recently caught up with drivers who shared with us their favourite memories behind the wheel and beyond.

Built for adventure: Don McCreary (Nissan Rogue)

The Rogue is essentially for my hiking passions in the Rockies. I've taken it on two 10,000-kilometre hiking and camping trips to the U.S., visiting some 15 national parks. This Rogue is my first purchase from Brasso, but previously I drove an Altima for a good number of years and had it serviced at Brasso. A large part of buying the Rogue from Brasso was because of their superior service department.

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Road Tripping in the Nissan Rogue - Valley of the Gods, Utah

Built for memories: Matthew Gourlie (Datsun 510)

Growing up, my dad's car, a Datsun 510, was the fun car. It was almost always just he and I in it. Almost every memory I have of being in that car is going out on a Saturday listening to the top-40 countdown with the windows rolled down headed downtown to do something fun like go to a movie or go out for lunch.

My dad drove that car for more than 30 years. He was sentimental - I believe it was the first new car. Even when it had seen better days, it still wasn't going anywhere. Someone knocked on the door once to ask if my dad would sell the Datsun, and he still wouldn't do it. At my dad's funeral, one of his friends told me he got talking to my dad about Datsun and the cars they were making. It piqued his interest, and he ended up buying one. I have a lot of memories of him with and in that car, and I guess other people did, too.

Built for life's moments: Neil Haesler (Nissan Pathfinder)

I've owned a couple Pathfinders over my lifetime. The first was a 1988 Pathfinder - my very first new, new vehicle. I bought it for the four-wheel drive - the hill up a lane to our garage at the time was a bit of a brute. The Pathfinder whipped up that hill even when the plow did not. I drove that one back East to visit family.  I also slept in the back of that vehicle a number of times. It took me all over Canada.

Another one was a champagne-coloured 1997 Pathfinder. This one had a few more creature comforts including air conditioning and power windows. It had everything, and I loved it - road like a limo and still went anywhere. I remember driving home one night from work and it was -50 C with the windchill. The Pathfinder didn't let me down.

Built for families: Frank Ventura (Nissan Rogue)

The Rouge was the first new vehicle I have purchased. My wife and I were married, and we were thinking about having our first child. I wanted a crossover and liked how the Rogue looked. Plus, I had heard good things about the CVT engine. We bought it in 2012, and my wife is still driving it. It's comfortable and a good-looking vehicle.

Built for firsts: Shannon Zachary (Nissan Sentra)

My first car was a 1983 Nisan Sentra. It was my Great Auntie Beatrice's car. She sold it to me when she was 80. It was in great shape - only had 80,000 kilometres on it, and it was 18 years old at the time. I got another three years out of it before selling it to my cousin. We had nicknamed the Sentra after the name my brothers gave me growing up: "Sherman." Driving that old hatchback ... it just suited the name Sherman. Oh, those awkward years!

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