Keeping your car clean is always nice. Your car is an expensive investment and it is important to take care of it.Washing off all the dirt and debris that gets on your car also helps protect the paint as well. While washing your vehicle on a regular basis is a good way to have your vehicle looking clean and sharp, it's also not great for the environment if you follow the traditional method of washing. Washing your car in the driveway isn't environmentally friendly, as the dirty and chemical-ridden water gets washed down into the street, and eventually into large bodies of water. This can poison aquatic life and damage our ecosystem. 

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  1. Park on the grass

If parking on the grass is an option, you should strongly consider doing it. The soil in your yard does a much better job at filtering chemicals out of the water and absorbs the run-off water. While having chemicals in your soil still isn't completely environmentally friendly, it is significantly better than going into a large body of water.  i m g 5002 300x200

2. Go to a car wash

Car washes are designed to use water more efficiently. and are equipped with multiple devices designed to clean your car faster. A commercial wash will use about half the water you would use. They are also required to recycle their water into sewer systems. So it doesn't hurt spending a couple more bucks on a commercial wash.

3. Swap the hose for a bucket and sponge

 i m g 4994 300x200Instead of using litres upon litres of water when you wash your vehicle, you can save oodles of water by using a bucket and sponge instead. Sure, it may not be as efficient, but the amount of water you'll save will be worth it if you're someone who cares for the environment.

4. Pour the rinse water in the toilet

Instead of pouring the dirty chemical-ridden water down the driveway, it can be poured into the toilet. This way, the water can be filtered properly.

5. Wash in the shade

Washing in the shade helps prevent water from evaporating as quickly as it would in the sun, meaning less water is used. This also helps prevent the soap from drying up and leaving spots on your car!


Although changing the way you wash your car is one small step towards helping the environment, it still does help. We only have one Earth and it is important to protect it!


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