Sometimes it's good to get out of town and go check out another one! There are so many cute little towns all around Ontario, just like Goderich, also known as "Canada's Prettiest Town". Goderich is just 40 minutes north of Grand Bend, and sits on Lake Huron.

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Goderich has a bunch of small shops, and good restaurant all in the square. You don't have to worry about getting lost walking around there because the downtown core i m g 3253 300x200 is one large circle. You can walk a few laps, check out the small boutiques or look at some art at the Goderich CO-OP art gallery. If you're artistically inclined, the art gallery also sells supplies to help get your creativity flowing. You can also catch a movie at Park Theatre located in the square, and afterwards you can stop for a bite to eat and a delicious latte at Cait's Cafe.

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After exploring the square, you can head down to the beach. There's a long stretch of boardwalk you can walk down and watch the kite surfers. There's also a nice playground for young children to play. If the water is warm you could go for a swim. There are a few sets of stairs you can climb up, and look out over the water and take in the beautiful blue views of Lake Huron. There's also a couple places on the beach to grab some ice cream. i m g 3237 300x200

Goderich is definitely a place that's worth visiting, and another one to check off the bucket list. After spending some time here, you'll definitely want to come back again!

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