Earth month is very important as society moves towards having more sustainable, and eco-friendly options for everything. Companies start using more recycled materials, creating less waste and focusing on more green initiatives. Honda is among those companies set to make sure our Earth is a wonderful and clean place for everyone, and that their carbon footprint is smaller. Starting from initiatives to recycle, with zero waste to landfill, exploring alternative energy and more.

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At Honda, the engineers spent so much time developing something called "Earth Dreams Technology". 'Earth Dreams Technology' is a next generation set of technological advancements which greatly enhance both driving performance and fuel efficiency at a high level, using as its base advanced environmental technologies to pursue the joy of driving unique to Honda. It is a series of measures in which efficiency of internal combustion components including engine, and transmission, as well as electric-powered motor technology, is further improved.

The Honda Clarity is one of many cars created to reduce emissions. Being a plug-in hybrid, it has a fantastic range on its' battery. Up t i m g 0395 300x200o 79 km on a single charge, it is a great city car. The car runs almost completely silent, and is so smooth on take-off. With the addition of a gas tank, you can get over 500km distance on a single charge and gas. So you don't have to worry when you're planning any longer trips out of the city.

Charging the battery at home is easy. You can purchase a charging station which will charge your battery in less than 2 hours. Or if that isn't an option for you, you can plug your car directly into a wall outlet with the cords provided! This takes up to 12 hours to charge to full, just make sure the car is the i m g 0397 300x200 only thing plugged into this outlet.

Finding charging stations is so easy too! There are so many all around! There are apps you can download to your phone like PlugShare and ChargeHub to help you locate charging stations. You can find charging stations like Flo and ChargePoint in many places like Canadian Tire, hotels, malls, and more!

You can also find a charging station at your favourite Brantford Honda dealership!


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