Planning a weekend get away? Or just picking up a few friends from the train station for some weekend adventures? The Honda CR-V is the perfect car to have for the weekend.

Very spacious, the CR-V has tons of cargo space in the back. The large hatch makes it easy to load up everyone's bags - even all the stuff from that one friend who always overpacks - with lots of space still left over. With comfortable seating for five, you won't have to worry about any arguments because someone is taking up too much room. i m g 8282 300x200

Packed up and ready to go, it's time to hit the road. With added noise reduction, the cabin is quiet, which makes conversations easy, as no one will have to yell over excessive wind noise coming inside while on the road. With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integrated into the infotainment system, it's easy to plug your phone in and play your own tunes. With the great sound system, you won't have to worry about rear passengers not being able to hear any music.

While on the road, the ride is smooth i m g 8294  edit 300x229, almost completely minimizing all the bumps and holes you may encounter. With Honda Sensing, you have extra safety features added, like collision warnings, lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control.Adaptive cruise control is fantastic while cruising on the highway, and if you're in the middle of singing the solo, but the traffic around you is starting to slow down, you know the CR-V has got your back. 

So weekend warriors, what car are you thinking about for your next adventure? Because I'm thinking the CR-V! i m g 8307  edit 1024x763

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