You've heard all about getting your car ready for winter, but have you considered that it is also important to prepare your car for spring? Call it Spring Cleaning for your car, but it is also crucial, and a great  way to embark on the change of seasons. i m g 8258 300x200

With these tough Canadian winters, a lot of salt is used in attempt to keep the roads safer. Cleaning your car undercarriage is essential to get rid of all the salt, sand and other grime that can build up underneath, to prevent any erosions they may cause. A car wash that does a thorough undercarriage i m g 8263 300x200 wash, or a garden hose with as much pressure as possible should do the trick!

As the temperatures slowly rise above 7°C, it's time to change back to all season tires. While getting your tires changed, it's

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important to clean your brakes from any salt, as it can cause erosion here too. Getting a tire alignment after driving through the winter potholes is crucial as well, as they can take a toll on your car. Checking your tire pressure, as your tires lose about one pound per square inch for every 6°C drop in temperature is essential as you get ready for the warmer months.

Once you gave your car a deep clean, both inside and out, there is one last thing to remember - wiper blades! Your wipers get a real work out keeping your view clear of snow and sleet over the winter. Replacing them every spring (and fall) is just a small investment in making sure you have unobstructed views while on the road.


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