The Nissan Rogue made its debut at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on January 7, 2007, and has since been one of the most popular, innovative and celebrated compact crossovers on the market. If you are looking for the best choice in this category, here are 10 reasons why Nissan's Rogue should be your only choice...

1) Let's start with a little about safety: The 2018 Rogue has been awarded Top Safety Pick by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) when equipped with LED headlights.


Small overlap front

o Driver-side - GOOD

o Moderate overlap front - GOOD

o Side - GOOD

o Roof strength - GOOD

o Head restraints & seats - GOOD


o Front crash prevention - SUPERIOR

2) For the 2018 model year, some of the most advanced driver assist technologies available are now standard.

o Automatic Emergency Braking

o Blind Spot Warning (Not standard on CR-V, RAV4 or Escape)

o Rear Cross Traffic Alert (Not standard on CR-V, RAV4 or Escape)

3) Rogue's Intelligent Around View Monitor makes parking a snap by letting you see the whole picture. IAVM features a dedicated camera on all four sides of the vehicle, giving you a virtual 360 image of your entire surroundings from above.

Intelligent Around View Monitor - STANDARD (Not standard on Cherokee, CR-V or Escape)

4) Rogue's Intelligent All-Wheel Drive is so responsive, it can adapt to changing conditions 30 times faster than the blink of an eye. Even in ideal conditions, Rogue's available All-Wheel Drive has a purpose - Nissan's passionate engineers also tuned the system for responsive, agile performance.

5) With PROPILOT ASSIST, your Rogue takes care of the little things at the push of a button. Designed to guide you rather than overtake the controls, the system helps maintain a safe distance from the car ahead and keeps you centred in your lane. It can also bring your Rogue to a complete stop, so you can relax - even when traffic is heavy.

6) The 2018 Rogue is not only stylish, its ultra-aerodynamic - and has a coefficient of drag of just 0.33. That means that on top of its curb appeal, it's also more efficient than the competition.

o 7.0 L/100 km highway (beats RAV4, Escape and Cherokee)

7) You don't have to be exceptionally tall to drive a Rogue, but if you are, there's so much headroom inside you'll be more comfortable than you'd be in any other crossover in this class.

o 1057 mm (beats CR-V, RAV 4 and Escape)

8) The EZ Flex Seating System available inside Rogue allows you to recline, slide, and tilt forward for easy access for a capable, functional space that's also decidedly upscale.

9) The available Motion-Activated Power Liftgate will feel like magic and gives you easy access when your hands are full.

10) With five different model variations available, it's an easy task to find a 2018 Rogue that is the perfect complement for you and your lifestyle, and keep in mind the entry-level S model features a list price well below anything else in the category!

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