Canada Day is a great way to kick off the summer. What better way to celebrate is there than by spending your long weekend enjoying the best recreation Alberta has to offer? We at Brasso have some suggestions for you, and we're sure they'll get you excited about taking a day trip this Canada Day long weekend (July 1st-3rd). Let's get to it:

The Canadian Rockies

You knew this one was going to be on this list. The towns of Banff, Canmore, Jasper, Lake Louise, and Kananaskis are Alberta's playgrounds, with world-class golf courses, whitewater rafting, spelunking, and so much more to do. Have you ever been awakened in a cabin by the sun shining off of mountain peaks? Or maybe you're in the mood for a nice drive through winding paths leading to who knows where? There's so much here for you, and you might not know about everything you can do in the mountains. This site will give you the full list so you can plan your long weekend perfectly!

The Canadian Rockies

Big Hill Springs Provincial Park

This one is so close to Calgary, so if you and your family have an itch for adventure, this park is a no-brainer. The beautiful streams and waterfalls are fed year-round by underground springs. The low elevation makes this the perfect place for a stroll, and because this isn't a heavily forested area, there's plenty of exploring and traversing you can do! Learn more here.

The Jurassic Forest

The kids will absolutely love this one, and you just might find yourself having a blast along with them. There's a ton to do here, from setting out on park trails in search of dinosaurs, to digging up dinosaur bones or going on a scavenger hunt! Imagine how excited the kids will be when they notice that just over the hills ahead, the head of a Brachiosaurus is poking up. You can learn more about the attraction here, and it's located just north of Edmonton in Gibbons.

Dinosaur Park

The Leduc #1 Energy Discovery Centre

There's a lot of Alberta History here. It's the story of black gold in Alberta, dating back to 1947, when Alberta's economy was changed forever. The Leduc #1 Energy Discovery Centre is a historical attraction, and the one place in Alberta where you and your family can come aboard a working oil rig, create alternative energy yourself, and learn all about Alberta's energy and pastime.



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