Ready to take that new Nissan for a test drive? A big part of the buying process is taking a test drive out on the road and getting a feel for the vehicle. But it's much more than just that; a test drive is also about making sure the vehicle lives up to your and the dealership's standards, right? We at Brasso Nissan have some tips for you on how to take a test drive:

The First Step

Trust your first impressions when you sit down in a new vehicle. Do you have room to stretch out a bit? Think about whether you'll be doing a lot of driving on the highway or travelling. Do you think you'd be comfortable for a long stretch of time on the freeway? And is there enough room for the golf clubs or your camping gear?

Think about the family too! It's a good idea to bring them along to Brasso Nissan to get a good sense of how much space you'll all have. Driving to work in the early morning or taking the kids to school is rough enough already, and the last thing you need is the kids complaining that they're uncomfortable, right?

And if you're that worried about size, consider sizing up from that small sedan to a midsize sedan, at the very least! Or consider a Nissan SUV for all the room your family and camping gear will ever need.

How to Take a Test Drive

Take a Look Around

Keep an eye out for scuffs or chips on the exterior or wheels, or for any signs of wear and tear around the cabin. If you're buying New, then the vehicle should be flawless. If it has a lot of technology and gadgets, test it all out! Make sure the air conditioning blows cold, the heated seats do their job, and the navigation system actually navigates. Don't let yourself become stuck with a car that lacks the features you need.

Take your time to fix up the interior of the vehicle to your liking! Adjust the seat to make it totally comfortable, and the mirrors to get them at just the right angle. Familiarize yourself with the most important vehicle controls. You'll be using them a lot if you decide to purchase the vehicle. And upon ignition, turn the wheel left and right, listening for clunks out of the suspension.

Now you're finally ready to take the car out on the road! See? Learning how to take a test drive is easy!

Quality Control

When you take the car out for the test drive, pay a lot of attention to the startup. Any squealing or rattling? Never hesitate to mention any concerns to the Salesperson. Also, pay attention to the dashboard! It will indicate if there are any issues with the engine. If you're buying a used vehicle, consider an extended manufacturer/dealership warranty for some additional reassurance.

Here at Brasso, we take our time to put all our vehicles-both new and used-through comprehensive inspections before they hit the showroom floor. You won't have to worry about safety or dependability when you buy from us. But if you're buying from another dealer or from a private seller, make sure to ask about any defects or damage the vehicle might have.

Ask for CarProof reports and servicing receipts if the seller provides them (which we do here at Brasso). They'll give you a good idea as to what kind of servicing the vehicle might need in the future.

How to Take a Test Drive

Taking to the Road

Try to think about the kind of driving you'll be doing in the future. A morning commute to work and some city driving? Or perhaps you live in a more rural area with gravel roads? Be sure to test the car on the types of roads you typically frequent, from speed-bumped parking lots, to highways. This will give you a great idea of how the car will behave during your everyday routine and weekend running around.

Also, make sure your prospective new vehicle accelerates and brakes smoothly. Try to consciously listen as you drive for any strange noises like brake squealing, and try to feel for any unusual vibrations. Trust your senses!

Erase Doubt

Never be afraid to ask your Salesperson any questions! A Salesperson's job is to ask you the right questions, but they might not cover every detail. Something insignificant to a typical driver might be significant to you, so be sure to ask about whatever is on your mind. It could be a good idea to plan ahead and bring a list of questions you've got. Brasso Nissan's Salespeople are more than happy to answer any and all questions you might have!

It's in our best interest and your own to try to erase any doubt you might have in your test drive. Let us at Brasso Nissan test-drive a car with you! Our Salespeople are among the absolute best driver-vehicle matchmakers, and we welcome you to test that fact for yourself!

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