St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, and just as the shamrock symbolizes the day, it also symbolizes the coming of the spring season. And with spring just around the corner, it's that time again when we clean out all the winter clutter from our homes. But what about your vehicle?

Over the course of the winter months it has undoubtedly accumulated a great deal of dirt, muck, and other debris from people tracking their muddy feet in and out. Plus the snow and cold has probably also stripped your vehicle of its protective wax coating.

Never fear though, Brasso Nissan is here! With these six tips you'll have your car, truck, or SUV spic-and-span in time for summer!

#1 Change out Your Winter Floor Mats

Chances are like most Albertans you've installed winter floor mats to help keep your vehicle clean. And if they've been doing their job then they've undoubtedly accumulated a great deal of debris. The first step to any good spring cleaning is to take out your winter mats and give them a good rinse. Their heavy rubber construction means spraying them with a garden hose is often all you need!

Remove and clean your vehicle's winter floor mats

#2 - Clear Out the Clutter

Over the course of winter chances are high that your vehicle has picked up a few miscellaneous items along the way: heavy snow chains, antifreeze bottles, snow brushes, extra winter clothes. Well, now's the time to clear all that junk out! With spring just around the corner chances are you don't need all those things anymore, so now's the time to throw it away, pack it up, or store it elsewhere for when winter comes around again!

Start your spring clean by wiping and dusting your vehicle's interior

#3 - Get it Squeaky Clean

Like most drivers chances are you haven't given your car, truck, or SUV a really good clean in a while. After all, why would you spend all that time (and money) to get your vehicle spotless only to immediately get it dirty again in the slush and snow? Well, now that the snow's receded and the roads are dry, give your pride-and-joy a cleaning that will last! (Make sure to pay special attention to the wheel wells and underside where dirt and grime tend to accumulate).

Clean your vehicle's exterior to help prevent rust

#4 - Break out the Polish

As we mentioned before, the snow and cold of winter tends to strip your vehicle of its protective wax coating. If not replaced, then can lead to premature rusting. So now that the sun's out once again, there's no better time to break out the wax and a little bit of elbow grease. Or, if you prefer to leave the grunt-work to us, contact our Automotive Car Centre to schedule an appointment!

Spring is perfect for replacing your vehicle's protective wax layer

#5 - Top off the Fluids

Winter is draining on your vehicle, and chances are many of its essential fluids could use a top-off. Things like windshield wiper fluid, coolant, and oil and are easy enough to replace yourself. Though if you're just too busy, or can't be bothered (we won't judge you, promise!) contact our Service Department to make an appointment. Our technician will quickly and affordably get your car, truck, or SUV ship-shape once more!

Check your vehicle's fluids and top them up if necessary

#6 - Vacuum it Out

Last, but certainly not least, it's time to vacuum the insides of your vehicle. Dirt, sand, salt, and other debris has undoubtedly made its way inside during the winter months. So keep your vehicle looking like new by suctioning out all this offending material with a handy vacuum. Your typical indoor vacuum should suffice, though most car washes also offer a powerful vacuum as well (albeit for a fee). Make sure to clean all the crevices in the seats and under the floor mats as well!

Vacuum out the sand and dirt left over from winter


And if you don't feel like doing this all yourself, feel free to leave it to the professionals! Our Detail Department is just a phone-call away at 403-253-5555, so give us a call today!


So those were our top 6 spring cleaning tips for getting your car, truck, or SUV looking like new again! Do you have any other tips or suggestions? Leave them in the comments below!


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